Akinyemi Oloudele

Live music artist based in Manchester

Oil on Canvas 20x16in
Akinyemi Oloudele – Manchester based live music artist

I was in Manchester for a couple of days with my wife when I met Akinyemi in the Night and Day Cafe. We got talking about his work (he is a live music artist who was working at a table next to us) and I asked if I could paint him.

This is the result.

He was a really nice guy!

Sniva and Riven, kittens.

Oil study of two kittens. 20×16 in.

I was asked to paint these two from a photograph taken a number of years ago. The background was too busy so I removed certain elements. I liked the composition, they look very thoughtful.

Eddie the Cockapoo

First portrait of a dog

I was asked to paint Eddie recently. The first time I’ve tried an animal so it was a challenge dealing with all that fur! I enjoyed the process and hope I caught his personality in the work.

Eddie – oil on canvas 16×20 in

This was one of the first paintings in the new studio.

David Bowie

Oil on canvas, 27x35inches, greyscale

David Bowie, 27x35in monochrome

I particularly enjoyed painting this. It worked out quicker than my usual work, probably due to using bigger brushes to start out, a method I intend to repeat moving forward.

Working with just black and white paint was a challenge but one I enjoyed.

The client was pleased with the final result.

Click here for an earlier bowie portrait.

New Art Studio finally working…

I’m finally in the new studio (which I built over the last two years or so). It’s much better to work in, as I’ve designed it with north facing windows.

Studio in garden

Slightly set below ground so it keeps a more steady temperature and humidity, it worked out really well!

Had I thought like a builder, I might not have made a ten sided structure… it grew organically, a bit like a painting, and I’m happy with the way it turned out. And as a bonus I managed to get a couple of commissions finished in it recently.

The new studio interior

Iggy Pop (large)

Oil on Canvas, painted June/July 2021

Iggy Pop, oil on canvas 35.27in monochrome

35x27in monochrome

Really enjoyed painting this, the first time I’ve worked on something in greyscale, which was a challenge! Liked the use of large brushes to begin the work and the subsequent speed of getting to a finished piece.

Painted concurrently with a large portrait of David Bowie.