Commissioning a painting/digital drawing

If you are interested in commissioning a painting/digital portrait please contact me and we can discuss your requirements.


Please click this link ( digital commissioning ) for further information on commissioning and examples of my digital work. 

Oil portrait commissions:  How do we go about this?

First we need to talk about what you want. I’ll contact you to discuss when (or if)  we can meet and, ideally, do some photography. I do accept images from clients but find that they can be sub-optimal, the lighting may be bad and the resolution may be low.

Please understand that if I paint from a supplied image I cannot improve that image, so the better the original photograph, the better the final painting.

By this I mean that a very small picture will contain very little information (pixels, the basic elements of a digital image) for me to work from, so the higher resolution the better. If you zoom into an image with low resolution, all you will see are blocky pixels, these contain no usable information in themselves.  Having said that, I can look at the image you want to use and let you know if it’s usable.

Also, a ‘snap’ of a person/animal is generally not lit well and will not be very complimentary or give much ‘depth’ to a painting. Please consider having a photograph taken to improve the quality of the final painting.

If you would like me to take the photograph

On the day I will sit down with the subject and have an informal chat. During that time I’ll take pictures on an ad-hoc basis (there will be no ‘pose’ unless specifically required). From these we’ll decide which image we think works best for the painting.

Depending on my workload, and other factors, it generally takes a minimum of a couple of months for me to complete a portrait (plus drying time for the oils before the painting can e sent out).


Full payment is not required until the portrait is complete, but a non-refundable deposit of 30% is required before I commence the work.

Once the painting has commenced I will contact you with a progress image, this way if there are any issues I can deal with them to ensure you are happy before the work is finished. Due to the way oils dry it is significantly harder to make alterations towards the end of a painting.

After completion and delivery of the portrait I’m only a phone call away to help answer any questions or provide advice to help you look after your painting.  I’ll be happy to advise on framing and varnishing your painting.

Oils generally take at least 2 months to dry (depending on the painting) before they can be varnished. This protects the oil paint from the atmosphere and is necessary for the protection of your portrait. If the oil portrait is shipped unvarnished, you will need to take it to a reputable frame shop to be varnished (the cost of this varies). As for framing, my last work was 20 x 16 inches, framed in oak and cost about £30.

Cost of a painting

The cost of commissioning a portrait is dependant on a number of factors (paintings start from around £450 sized 16 x 20 inches ).

Iggy Pop, oil on canvas 35x27in monochrome

For example, the portrait above, measuring 27 x35 inches would cost £700.

I will give you an initial estimate based on your specific requirements.

The timing depends on a number of factors, size, complexity and technique (like the drying time of the oils involved – this varies by oil density of the colours used).

I will commence the painting once we have agreed the final price and a deposit has been paid.

All paintings are on stretched canvas or on canvas board, all paintings are unframed.