Digital Portrait commissions

As well as oil painting, I provide digital portraits.

These are less expensive because they require no oil paint or canvas and take less time.

Below is an example of a commission, the cost was £35 and the file was a high resolution, print-ready image, suitable for framing.

Digital illustration: Colin in profile
Original photo of Colin the cat.

This can be emailed directly to you and you then have the choice of using it directly on a screen or having it printed.

If you would rather receive a physical copy of the portrait, I can have a copy professionally printed and mail it to you – there will be an additional cost for this (which varies depending on size and material).

If you decide to go ahead with a digital portrait, please email me with the image you want and let me know if you have any preferences regarding the image (i.e. the above was placed on a simpler background to emphasise the subject and the eye colour was enhanced).

I can make suggestions to improve the final artwork before I begin.

Here are some examples of digital portraits to give you examples of different styles.

For your own bespoke digital artwork, please contact me through my Etsy shop.