Greetings cards

I’ve been working on a series of greetings cards (5x7in) which are available through my Etsy account (click here).

They began as illustrations of our pet cats (and expanded to other people’s animals). All the details are available on the shop site.

The images below give you an idea of the styles and subjects I have available at the moment.

I think they frame really well, so have taken photos to show this. The cost of the cards on my Etsy site doesn’t include mounts, but, as the cards are a standard 5x7in, frames are cheaply and easily sourced.

One of the cards

If you would like an illustration of your pet (or anybody else for that matter), please contact me on my Etsy Shop with your requirements. I would charge £35 for the illustration and will send you a high resolution image, suitable for printing. You will have to get the image printed locally (or online) but that’s very easy to do.

If you want me to send you a physical print there will be extra costs.